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Information from your health plan about COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

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A one-two punch in prevention and treatment of diabetes

You’ve got people in your corner when it comes to fighting off diabetes.


5 Benefits of Telemedicine for You and Your Employees

Thanks to telemedicine, a trip to the doctor no longer requires a trip. Instead, patients and providers are scheduling phone or video visits. Some patients are even getting medical device updates from their physicians remotely.


Medication management for better outcomes

The high cost of medications is a hot topic today, and many people in need of expensive prescription drugs find themselves struggling to make ends meet. The issue isn’t just limited to newer drugs. Even medications that have long been on the market have seen dramatic increases.


Dry needling

A safe, lower-cost pain management alternative.


Diabetes prevention help for employees

The number of people with diabetes or who are at risk for diabetes is eye-opening. More than 10% of the U.S. population, or 34.2 million people, have diabetes.


Don't be embarrassed

It can be embarrassing to talk to your health care provider about urinary incontinence. There is a stigma around this condition, forcing many to seclude themselves at home. Don’t be one of the millions who suffer in silence. Discuss these issues with your provider.


Reduce your risk of falling at home

Learn about how you can reduce your risk of falling at home.


Make physical activity a priority

It is easy to incorporate more exercise into your daily activities - lift weights while watching television, play tennis with friends, go on a nature hike, watch a movie while walking on the treadmill or walk the golf course instead of using a cart. The key is to find activities you enjoy!


Quarantine 15 got you down? How to safely resume your exercise routine

It’s been a rough few months. People across Wisconsin – and even the country – have been staying indoors and away from normal routines.


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