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Insurance from your perspective

At Security Health Plan, your care and protection is our top priority. Reliable coverage you can count on, that's our promise.

Wide variety of benefit options for your employees

We have benefit options that meet  large or small employer needs.  For our large employer groups, we can help you structure a plan that aligns with your company's health care needs while controlling costs.

For employer groups with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, we offer a variety of plan options to fulfill your employees’ health care needs.


Extensive network or high quality health care providers

Our remarkable networks allow you to choose from thousands of high-quality doctors, specialists and medical providers.

Exceptional health and wellness services

Security Health Plan promotes wellness through a variety of programs and services. We encourage your employees to stay on track with recommended visits with their doctor, advice on eating right and regular exercise. We have partnered with WebMD to offer wellness resources including confidential health assessments.

Convenience for your employees

Your employees need coverage on the go. Our health plans come with urgent and emergency care coverage worldwide, access to a nurse practitioner 24/7, and  wellness support and health coaching.

Request a quote today

We can help you compare coverage and pricing to help you choose employee health benefits that meet your business needs.

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