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Security Health Plan Members’ Rights and Responsibilities

Security Health Plan fosters an environment of mutual respect and cooperation between members, providers and health plan staff.  Security Health Plan clearly communicates member rights and responsibilities to lay a solid foundation for the development of effective relationships between members, plan providers and staff. 

Security Health Plan members have certain rights and responsibilities as members of the health plan. These rights and responsibilities demonstrate Security Health Plan’s commitment to treating members in a manner that respects their relationship with their provider and with Security Health Plan. 

As a Security Health Plan member, you have the right to: 

As a Security Health Plan member, you have the responsibility to: 

Security Health Plan distributes the Members’ Rights and Responsibilities to new and existing members and providers as follows:

 Security Health Plan staff electronically acknowledge this policy on an annual basis.

If you believe that something has been done improperly you have a right file a grievance. The rules for filing a grievance can be found in your   Member Handbook    or  Evidence of Coverage.