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Get more from your Medicare coverage

Looking for more from your Medicare coverage? Want hearing, vision and dental benefits? With Security, you’ll have these benefits and more. Our Medicare Advantage Plans provide benefits well beyond Original Medicare, including  the ability to    see any doctor who is Medicare certified and has not opted out of Medicare.


Medicare Advantage

Enjoy SilverSneakers® fitness programs near you

Our Medicare Advantage plans offer this popular benefit at no cost to you. Your access includes a basic membership to SilverSneakers' network of national and locally-owned fitness centers. SilverSneakers offers a convenient mobile fitness app, On-Demand, with 200+ online workout videos. You also can access full-length live classes and workshops with SilverSneakers LIVE.

Get vision, dental and hearing benefits



Plans include one free preventive eye exam and refraction per calendar year, plus a $135 or $175 allowance for eyeglasses.


Get one free preventive dental exam per calendar year, which includes a standard  cleaning  and  X-rays.

Delta Dental Ally Rx D-SNP Preventive Certificate

Delta Dental Medicare Advantage HMO-POS Preventive Certificate


Pay only your copay for one routine hearing exam per calendar year and just $500 per hearing aid, up to two per year. Save money on expensive hearing aids!

Looking for additional dental coverage?

Security has partnered with Delta Dental to provide optional comprehensive dental benefits. For  an additional monthly premium of $43 for HMO-POS plans and $34 for Ally Rx D-SNP, you will receive the following benefits beyond our preventive dental coverage:

Dental coverage  Medicare Advantage HMO-POS  Ally Rx D-SNP
 In-network In-network  Out-of-network
 One additional exam and cleaning per calendar year   0%  0% 20%
 Emergency treatment of pain, fluoride treatment  20%  20% 50%
 Fillings, root canals, crowns, implants, oral surgery, other services
(*deductible applies)
 50%*  50%* 50%*
 Annual deductible  $100   $100
 Annual maximum benefit  $1,000 $1,000
 Monthly premium  $43  $34
Delta Dental Ally Rx D-SNP Comprehensive Certificate

Delta Dental Medicare Advantage HMO-POS Comprehensive Certificate

Ask your dentist to verify participation in Delta Dental’s Medicare Advantage network.

Get up to $30 of over-the-counter (OTC) supplies each quarter for no additional cost.

Over-the-counter supplies can be expensive. That’s why Security offers our members a way to save money on these items and have them delivered to their home. Each member is eligible for a $30 quarterly OTC credit to buy select OTC health and wellness products through our OTC Drug Catalog.

You receive preventive health services at no extra cost.

You will have coverage for all Medicare-covered preventive services including bone mass measurement, colonoscopies and mammograms, as well as vaccines, diabetes testing supplies and more.

For our plans with prescription drug coverage, you pay $0 for all Part D vaccines, including but not limited to shingles vaccines and routine tetanus shots.

Help for certain chronic conditions

Members with congestive heart failure (CHF)

Medicare Advantage members with CHF will be offered prepared meals to encourage healing and recovery in the first two weeks at home following an inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility stay. This benefit is offered at no cost to the member. Security Health Plan’s designated vendor will provide two meals per day for two weeks, for a total of 28 meals. Refrigerated meals ready to heat and eat will be delivered in two separate weekly deliveries by FedEx or UPS.

Not all members are guaranteed access to this benefit. Eligible members:

Click here for helpful questions and answer about the meals benefit for members with CHF.

Security Health Plan and its agents are not in any way connected with the Medicare program.