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Security Health Plan’s preventive benefits improve the quality of life of members

Security Health Plan is committed to enriching the lives of members so they can reach their best health.


Neillsville woman credits Security Health Plan as her “lifeline” after husband suffer stroke

“I found a lifeline in the last place I expected to find it, at Security Health Plan,” Neillsville retired teacher Becky McKevitt said on a rainy April afternoon.


A positive difference for employees and employer

Security Health Plan health coaching program helps staff members at Eau Claire Area School District reach their best health, resulting in increased productivity.


A different approach to success

Security Health Plan health coaching is different. The health coaches at Security Health Plan use a different way to help members be successful.


Providing service to save members money and hassle

One Security Health Plan member saves over $7,000 after a phone call with a Security Health Plan customer service representative takes a turn for the best


The compassion to provide care

“She has the compassion it takes to provide care to someone,” Dr. Ray Drake, PhD, age 79, of Hayward, said of Security Health Plan Care Manager Melissa Bendixen, RN. “To have someone else care that much about you, not to shame you…that is powerful. I know compassion when I see it. Nursing care, to me, does involve this ability to enter into a deeply empathic relationship with the person who is sick. That ability in itself has healing power, absolute healing power.”


Helping Medicare Advantage members hear better

Retired nurse Nadene Lautenschlager of rural Auburndale pulled into her garage one summer afternoon and stepped out of her car. She could hear something but couldn’t quite place what it was. She paused a moment to listen and realized it was her television. She noted the volume was set at a reasonable level; that’s just “how good” her new hearing aids were.


How much we care

“Why don’t I just pitch a tent in the parking lot, then?!” Security Health Plan member and Marshfield Clinic patient Lana Hoover exclaimed in frustration. She had just learned her three appointments were scheduled on three different days of the same week, at the Marshfield Center half an hour away from her home in Granton. “I was ready to leave the Clinic,” she admitted.