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Security Health Plan takes care of employers for generations

What do a stainless steel fabrication company and a not-for-profit health maintenance organization in Marshfield, Wis., have in common?

In addition to both companies being founded and based in Marshfield, Felker Brothers Corporation and Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc., have a decades-spanning partnership. One manufactures stainless steel products and fabricated piping systems, while the other provides Wisconsinites with a variety of health insurance options. Both have a long history of striving to provide the best service and affordable products to their customers.

Felker Brothers Corporation was one of Security Health Plan’s first employer clients, and had a payment arrangement for employee health care services directly with Marshfield Clinic even before Security Health Plan was officially founded in 1971 as the Greater Marshfield Community Health Plan. Felker Brothers has entrusted the Health Plan with their employees’ health coverage for decades, and the partnership set Security Health Plan on its course of serving hundreds of employers throughout Wisconsin – and beyond.

In 1960, Marshfield Clinic and Felker Brothers developed a simple arrangement for health care coverage for their employees: employees paid $4 per month to receive health care services at Marshfield Clinic. In 1963, Marshfield Clinic worked with Time Insurance Company to provide a hospital, medical and surgical insurance policy for Felker Brothers’ 177 employees and their 549 covered dependents. One year later, they expanded to full medical coverage. This was a successful venture and Felker Brothers renewed their coverage in 1965 for another year. They were one of the first employers providing coverage through the Greater Marshfield Community Health Plan when the Health Plan formed in 1971. In 1986, the Greater Marshfield Community Health Plan was dissolved and Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc. was established. Felker Brothers employees remain insured with Security Health Plan in 2021.

Since its establishment in 1903, Felker Brothers Corporation has grown, now employing approximately 275 employees living in Marshfield, Plover and Kentucky.

The relationship between the two businesses runs deep, and according to Felker Brothers Chief Human Resource Officer Carol Willfahrt, they stick with Security Health Plan for a reason.

“We appreciate working with a local company with a history of customer-focused service,” she explained. “Security Health Plan provides us with top-notch representatives who are very responsive to our questions. Because they’re local, we get to know our representatives first-hand, which has proven to be beneficial.”

“Our employees take great pride in their contributions in providing quality products,” Willfahrt added. “The employees at Security Health Plan are similar in that respect – they always give us prompt service. It’s the employees at Security Health Plan that set them apart from other health insurance carriers.”


Security Health Plan Director of Sales Kara Johnson agrees. She values the long-standing relationship between two local businesses serving the community.


“We’re honored to serve employers like our friends at Felker Brothers. They have trusted us with their health care needs since 1960 and we look forward to serving them for many years to come. When two local businesses come together, it has a tremendous benefit to the community,” Johnson said.


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