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Security Health Plan invests in The Chestnut Center for the Arts

“This place is a little hidden gem,” said Marshfield Clinic Health System Applications Analyst Carmen Duran.


Security Health Plan invests in the 2019 Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit

“Understanding health information is critical to making healthy choices in life and when faced with health problems,” said Wisconsin Health Literacy Medical Advisor Paul Smith.


Security Health Plan invests in Feed My People Food Bank’s Empty Bowls 2019

Individuals impacted with food insecurity do not know when or where their next meal will come from. According to the Wisconsin Food Security Project, one in nine people residing in the western Wisconsin area experience food insecurity.


Security Health Plan invests in Marshfield organization serving women in crisis

“It is critical to meet the needs of families at an early stage and at an early stage of a child’s development,” Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) Center for Community Health Advancement Community Connections Team Health Educator Jennifer Paape said.


Security Health Plan invests in McMillan Fire Department

“Without new pediatric medical equipment, EMS staff would be using equipment that is over 15 years old to treat patients during emergencies,” said McMillan Fire Department Captain Lorrie Bauer.


Security Health Plan invests in Bloomer Community Ambulance

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services requires Emergency Medical Services (EMS) maintain a communication system that allows communication between medical control and EMS personnel. So when the Bloomer Community Ambulance Service purchased a new rescue response truck the first order of business was to equip it with the needed communication tools.


Security Health Plan invests in Wausau social activity center for adults with special needs

While working in the Special Education Department at the Wausau School District, Katie Normand and Anissa Walters were faced with a common question. What happens with the students they educate after they’ve completed high school?


Security Health Plan invests in Marshfield’s Mary’s Place

“Mary’s Place gave me a new start, a new lease on life. It gave me a positive outlook where I didn’t have one before,” Peter McDonald said.


Security Health Plan invests in Empty Bowls Portage County 2018

Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc., invests in the 2018 Portage County Empty Bowls to be held Oct. 20 at Stevens Point Area High School.


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