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Security Health Plan supports mental health initiatives for local youth

“Our hope is that we talk about mental health when someone is feeling overwhelmed or alone."


Security Health Plan invests in Granton Area First Responders to ease burden on responders

“The hardest part of CPR is doing the chest compressions – it can really drain you, no matter how good of shape you’re in,” Granton Area First Responders President Pat Wolf said.


Neillsville family turns tragic loss into opportunity to support others

It’s hard to imagine the grief parents face when they lose an infant or child.


Security Health Plan supports local volunteer equine group to help first responders in times of crisis

Time is everything when locating a lost child, elderly person, disabled person, or even a hunter who may have been turned around in the woods.


Support of the creative arts brings joy to Eau Claire community

How does a local community performing arts non-profit organization make it through a pandemic?


Help in a crisis – center for women receives donation to help fight cycles of poverty, homelessness, abuse and addiction

Having a place to turn in a time of crisis can mean the difference between survival and the unthinkable.


Security Health Plan supports local organization providing children with a place to sleep

According to the non-profit organization Sleep in Heavenly Peace, about 2-3 percent of American children do not have a bed to sleep in.


Security Health Plan invests in Owen-Withee School District

“We know students that are more active do better in school, and feel better about themselves,” Owen-Withee High School principal Matt Cihlar said. “Coming off the recent pandemic, the more students we can connect to the building the likelihood of their success in school goes up.”


Teaching adults to read and changing their worlds – one person at a time

Have you ever thought about how hard it would be to live your everyday life if you didn’t know how to read, write or speak English?


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