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Information from your health plan about COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

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Helping you get information easier and sooner

Security Health Plan has updated its electronic tools to help your practice operate more efficiently by reducing paperwork and automating manual processes. You can sign up for electronic funds transfer, check on patient benefit and eligibility information, and get timely updates on any business changes that will affect your practice.

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Enroll now for Security Health Plan's Provider portal. The Provider portal is a convenient and secure online tool that helps you get the information you need to take care of your patients. To gain access to our Provider portal you will need to complete a Provider access request form or contact your Organization Administrator.

Security Health Plan’s Provider portal allows you to request a prior authorization, your patient’s eligibility and benefits? Check Security Health plan’s Provider portal instead of waiting to talk to someone by phone.  Security Health Plan’s Provider portal gives you quick access to basic coverage information, benefit information and much more.

Electronic Claim Submission and Electronic Remittance Advice 

Electronic Claim Submission (837) is available to all providers that submit claims to Security Health Plan  or have trading partners that retrieve files on your behalf. Complete the 837/835 Enrollment Request prior to submitting electronic claims to Security Health Plan.

Companion Guides

Refer to the following Companion Guides for information on format and content for 837 transactions.

837 (Institutional) Companion Guide
837 (Professional) Companion Guide
837 (Dental) Companion Guide

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)  is a fast, confidential and secure way to receive your claims payments electronically. If you are an affiliated provider with Security Health Plan you are eligible to enroll in EFT. Obtain an EFT enrollment form by one of the following methods:

EFT Reference guide
Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response - 270/271 Companion Guide
Claim Status Inquiry and Response - 276/277 Companion Guide
Claim Payment/Advice - 835 Companion Guide