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Information from your health plan about COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

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Supporting the care you provide to our members

Security Health Plan’s Care Management team works with members whose health concerns need regular attention. We use information from providers, health assessments, health care claims and requests of family members to identify members who have specific health care needs as early as possible.

Our care management program

Our care managers are registered nurses and other health care professionals who specialize in many common diseases and health conditions. They can help most members with their health questions and needs. They’ll check in on your patients between visits, help reduce complications and prevent problems from worsening.

To enroll a patient...

  • The patient must be a Security Health Plan member
  • Get permission from your patient to enroll them in a program
  • To register a member, call 1-888-799-1599
  • We will call the patient to initiate the program