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Provider Manual

Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy - Outpatient

Last Updated on January 24, 2019

Security Health Plan provides coverage for outpatient physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapy. View  Initial Outpatient Therapy Treatment prior authorization form. View   Concurrent Outpatient Therapy Treatment.

Therapy must be:

  • Expected to significantly improve the physical condition within 60 days of the date on which such treatment begins
  • Performed by a physician; a licensed physical, speech or occupational therapist; or any other provider approved by Security Health Plan

Security Health Plan excludes from coverage physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special and/or complementary therapy for the following conditions:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Multiple handicapped
  • Developmental delay, regardless of cause
  • Sensory deficit
  • Perceptual disorders
  • Motor dysfunction
  • Mental retardation or related conditions
  • Behavior disorders

Services require prior authorization and approval by Security Health Plan in order to be considered for coverage. Notify Security Health Plan at 1-800-548-1224 of all initial and concurrent therapy requests.

View common questions about prior authorization for outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

To request a full version copy of a specific Security Health Plan Medical policy, call 1-800-548-1224 ext. 19671.