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Provider Manual

Confidentiality of information

Last Updated on May 04, 2021

Security Health Plan takes confidentiality of medical records and other personal information of our members very seriously. All Security Health Plan employees, including temporary and permanent volunteers, interns, business associates, and when applicable, other individuals or entities such as providers, auditors, agents/brokers, consultants, and employers who have a contract with Security Health Plan, must maintain the confidentiality and privacy of all member information in its possession in accordance with applicable federal and state privacy laws and regulations for maintaining confidentiality of records.  Security Health Plan has established policies and procedures that require the privacy and confidentiality of our members’ information. Security Health Plan has also implemented many privacy and security safeguards to protect such information. Security Health Plan has a Privacy & Confidentiality Committee that is responsible for reviewing confidentiality policies and reviewing practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Confidential Information. The Security Health Plan Chief Compliance Officer chairs this committee.  

Members are provided access to their information in an accurate and timely manner. When Security Health Plan receives a request for confidential information, we release only the minimum amount of information necessary to respond to the request. Security Health Plan reserves the right to decide which information is disclosed on a case-by-case basis. If an employee is found to have disclosed information inappropriately and violated any confidentiality policy, disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination of employment, may result.

All disclosures or transfers of confidential information will be in accordance with applicable law. Security Health Plan may disclose protected health information without a member’s written or verbal authorization for payment and heath care operations. We may also use and disclose member protected health information in certain situations as outlined in our Notice of Privacy Practices document. You may obtain a copy of Security Health Plan’s Notice of Privacy Practices and its Protected Health Information Authorization form on our website. You may also request copies from Security Health Plan by calling 1-800-472-2363.

Security Health Plan recognizes that an individual who submits, or authorizes his or her health care provider to submit, medical or dental claims information for processing and payment has an exception that such information, to the extent it identifies the individual, will not be disclosed in any manner that violates federal or state law or regulation.

Security Health Plan allows its members the opportunity to authorize or deny the release of identifiable protected health information. By law, a member must provide a special authorization for Security Health Plan to release protected health information, including mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, genetic testing and HIV/AIDS-related information. Members may authorize the release of some or all of their protected health information by completing an authorization form.

For those members who lack the ability to give authorization, Security Health Plan will obtain authorization from a legally designated, qualified person, such as a member’s guardian or person with the member’s power of attorney.

Security Health Plan does not provide direct care and does not maintain original medical records or copies of complete medical records. We advise our members to contact their health care provider to obtain medical records. The member has the right to access (copy and inspect) their protected health information maintained by Security Health Plan. The member also has the right to request an amendment of such information and to place limitations on the disclosure of such information.

Security Health Plan provides certain types of information to employers as part of standard health insurance processes. Disclosures of information to employers are limited to summary information and limited information that the employer needs to administer, amend or terminate a health plan. Employers do not have access to personal health information related to their employees without specific member authorization. 

Security Health Plan is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of our member information. We expect our credentialed providers to implement confidentiality policies and procedures that address the disclosure of medical information, patient access to their medical information, and the storage, protection and destruction of protected health information. Security Health Plan will routinely verify that providers have policies and procedures in place to endure that the confidentiality of medical records is maintained appropriately.