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Provider Manual


Last Updated on January 24, 2019

Proper receipt

Subject to the Garbled Transmission and Test Modifications provisions, a document shall not be deemed to have been properly received until that document is accessible to the receiving party at that party’s receipt computer and is found to be a standard transaction. Until a document is properly received, the receiving party shall not have any obligation with respect to such document.


If verification of a document is required, the receiving party shall, upon proper receipt of such document, promptly transmit a functional acknowledgment to the transmitting party. A functional acknowledgment shall constitute conclusive evidence that a document has been properly received.

Garbled transmission

If any transmitted document is received in an unintelligible or garbled form, the receiving party shall promptly notify the transmitting party (if identifiable from the received document) within two business days. In the absence of such notification, the transmitting party’s records of the contents of the transmitted document shall be presumed to reflect the actual contents of that document. If the transmitting party is unidentifiable, the receiving party shall have no obligation to the transmitting party.