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Provider Manual

Output reports

Last Updated on January 24, 2019

With each production file submitted electronically, a report will be produced. This report will include the total number of claims processed. Please verify this number is correct for each report.

A second report is produced if patient demographics submitted on the claim do not match the database when Security Health Plan believes its information is correct. These demographics are the insured’s ID, date of birth, gender, and relationship to insured. Information that needs to be corrected will appear as a mismatch report.

These reports can be retrieved from Security Health Plan electronically via a secure system identified during set up. The reports are available the next day after the file has been sent. The response file will have an “R” preceding the file name.

Security Health Plan Companion Document

Segment Field Description What we need
ISA 06 Interchange Sender ID Submitter ID including preceding zeroes (ie. 000055001)
ISA 08 Interchange Receiver ID “SHP”
ISA 15 Usage indicator Must be "T" for a test file, "P" for production
GS 02 Application sender's code Submitter ID including preceding zeroes (ie. 000055001)
GS 03 Application receiver's code “39045”
Submitting info
09 (NM101 = 41)
Identification code
Submitter ID including preceding zeroes (ie. 000055001)
Receiver info
09 (NM101 = 40)
Identification code

Claims Submission Test File Procedure

Once the secure connection is established, the submitter can start sending claim transactions to the test environment. The test file may include any number of claims. Generally, trying to parallel a production run will yield the best test results. During the testing process, Security Health Plan will examine submitted test transactions for required elements, and will also ensure that the submitter gets a response during the testing mode. Security Health Plan will notify the provider upon the successful completion of testing.

When the submitter is ready to send an 837 transaction to the production mailbox, he/she must notify Security Health Plan’s Provider Relations department at 715-221-9640, and Security Health Plan’s Provider Relations department will work to move the submitter to the production environment. The submitter’s FTP username remains the same when moving from test to production. Passwords can be changed by the user in Personal Properties.

Bulletin Board file submission process

To submit a claim file:
  • Go to the Security Health Plan website at the address
  • Single click on “File Transfers”
  • A dialogue box will appear on the Web Browser entitled “The server at BBS1 requires a username and password”. Enter in the username and password assigned by Security Health Plan.
  • After entry of username and password, single click “OK” or hit enter
  • Single click “File Libraries”
The file transfer page will appear. To send a file:
  • Single click “Upload”
  • Browse or type the file to be sent
  • Single click “Upload Now”
To look at response reports:
  • Single click “All files”
  • Select the report to look at
  • The reports will be available for 30 days
  • The last response will not have a time stamp

Personal Properties can be changed and updated from the home page to reflect information such as address and company information. Also in Personal Properties the following information is displayed: messages written, number of calls, user date, last call, last new fields, downloads, uploads, expire date, account balance, and netmail balance. Personal Properties is where passwords can be changed and messaging data can be changed and updated.