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Provider Manual

Ambulance Transportation

Last Updated on January 24, 2019

Security Health Plan is responsible for payment of transportation services for the following:

  • Emergency ambulance services
  • Air ambulance transportation in critical emergency situations when ground ambulance is not medically safe or appropriate
  • The member requires urgent/emergent ambulance transport from any location to the nearest treatment facility
  • The overall medical care needed by the member is at a higher level of care than is available in the first facility and transport to another medical facility is clinically in the best interest of the member.

Security Health Plan is not responsible for payment of transportation services for the following:

  • Use of an ambulance when the member could have been safely transported by other means
  • Medical van transport
  • Rescue squad services for purposes of extrication or retrieval in addition to the ambulance service
  • Inter-hospital transport is not a covered service when the request to go to another facility is only a matter of member/family/facility preference or convenience.
  • Ambulance transport to home or skilled nursing facility is not covered by the Plan, as it does not meet the definition of emergency transfer.

To request a full version copy of a specific Security Health Plan Medical policy, call 1-800-548-1224 ext. 19671.