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Provider Manual


Last Updated on January 24, 2019

HealthCheck compliance rates typically are significantly higher when member outreach is performed by a clinic. It is Security Health Plan’s expectation that Security Health Plan BadgerCare Plus members be outreached by their provider up to three times for each HealthCheck exam. The Medicaid Member HealthChecks Report is provided to inform providers of Security Health Plan members’ HealthCheck exam status. Many clinics use the list as a worksheet to track members’ contacts. Some clinics have developed tickler file systems to monitor outreach. Varying the type of contact has proven most successful, for example, face-to-face contact, a phone call, or mailing a letter, brochure or a reminder postcard.

HealthCheck Outreach Materials Security Health Plan materials are provided free of charge to assist providers with member outreaching for HealthCheck exams:

  • Security Health Plan HealthCheck brochure. Hmong and Spanish HealthCheck brochures are available through the State of Wisconsin.
  • Security Health Plan HealthCheck reminder postcards
    • General reminder postcard
    • Hmong and Spanish version of general reminder postcard
    • Birthday reminder postcard
  • Security Health Plan HealthCheck poster

To order Security Health Plan HealthCheck outreach materials, complete HealthCheck Outreach Request Form and fax to Security Health Plan, or call 1-800-791-3044, ext. 1-9697.

HealthCheck Outreach Request Form

The HealthCheck Outreach Request Form was developed as a communication tool for providers. This form may be used to communicate to Security Health Plan:

  •  No response from members after up to three contacts
  • Multiple appointment “no-shows”
  • Members who see the provider when ill
  • Member referrals to Security Health Plan case management services
  • Refusal to make HealthCheck appointments
  • Member requests to change primary care provider
  • Requests for HealthCheck Outreaching materials
  1. Complete form.
  2. Route, fax or mail the form to Security Health Plan.
  3. Security Health Plan staff will review the form and attempt to contact the member. We are often able to reach the member and educate them about the HealthCheck exam entitlement. Many members are not aware that HealthCheck exams are important for older children. Other issues, such as changes in providers will be addressed during the member contact.

Copies of the HealthCheck Outreach Form provided in this manual may be copied or requested from Security Health Plan by calling 1-800-791-3044, ext. 2-4011, or email


  • BadgerCare Plus members have the right to refuse HealthCheck exams.
  • The information received from the HealthCheck Assistance Form will assist Security Health Plan staff in developing alternative strategies in meeting the HealthCheck needs of “hard-to-reach” members.
  • Security Health Plan appreciates providers’ efforts in HealthCheck member outreach. Click here to download the HealthCheck Outreach Request form.