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Provider Manual

BadgerCare Plus Member HealthCheck Report

Last Updated on January 24, 2019

This report provides information about individuals who are covered by Security Health Plan’s BadgerCare Plus program; are younger than 21; and have selected the named PCP.  The report provides names of members assigned to the PCP and is intended to assist PCPs and clinic with HealthCheck Outreach.

Clinic and PCP HealthCheck Compliance Reports

The State of Wisconsin requires that at least an 80% compliance rate of eligible HealthCheck exams be attained per state region.  Security Health Plan also requires this of affiliated providers and clinics.  Therefore, Security Health Plan produces periodic practice-specific compliance percentage reports as well as overall compliance for each clinic.  Year-end reports are distributed in April or May the following year to allow for complete claim submission. 

HealthCheck checkup includes:

  • Health and developmental history (including anticipatory guidance).
  • Unclothed physical examination.
  • Vision screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Dental screening and a referral to a dentist beginning at age 1
  • Immunizations appropriate for age (shots)
  • Blood and urine lab tests (including blood lead-level testing when appropriate for age)

Lab Tests

The blood lead test is the only required lab. Other lab work is conducted at the provider’s discretion. Verbal lead-risk assessment is recommended by Security Health Plan. Begin at age 6 months and then complete at each visit up to age 6 years.

Verbal Lead Assessment Form Yes No Unsure
Does your child live in or regularly visit a home built before 1980? (This includes day care center, preschool or home of babysitter or relative)      
Does your child live in a house built before 1980 with recent, ongoing, or planned renovation or remodeling      
Does your child have a brother or sister, housemate or playmate with lead poisoning      
Does your child frequently come in contact with an adult whose job or hobby involves exposure to lead (examples: highway construction, welding, pottery or automotive repairs)      
Does your child live near an active lead smelter, battery-recycling plant or other industry likely to release lead      
Does your child live near a heavily traveled or major highway where soil or dust might be contaminated with lead      
Note: An answer of "yes" to any of the aove questions indicates high risk.      
Has your child ever had a blood lead test done
If yes, what was the child's level ______ 

Regardless of risk, a blood lead test must be done at 12 and 24 months of age. If a child is determined high risk at anytime, do a blood lead test and follow-up per CDC. The State of Wisconsin allows the blood test to be done between 9 and 16 months (1 year) and 17 and 28 months (2 years).