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Keeping me healthy

Security Health Plan is dedicated to helping you manage your health. Use the tools and resources below to  get healthy and stay healthy.  

State of Wisconsin group health insurance, visit your Wellness program.

Global Fit

Access fitness, weight loss and wellness resources at a discount

Your membership with Security Health Plan gives you access to Global Fit - premier fitness, weight loss and wellness brands at a discount. You can also take advantage of educational materials, resources and tools to engage and motivate you to become more active and adopt healthier behaviors.

Health coaching

Get wellness advice over the phone

Our professional health coaches can help you with weight management, quitting tobacco, increasing physical activity, healthy eating, managing stress and more.We're just a phone call away. 

Living Well Workshops

Manage your chronic conditions

We want to help you live well as you manage your chronic health conditions. In partnership with Aging and Disability Resource Centers throughout the state, we’re offering Living Well with Chronic Conditions and Living Well with Diabetes workshops.

Stages of Change guidebooks

Taking positive steps toward change

Our Stages of Change guidebooks can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle by giving you steps you can take at your own pace. 

The best place to begin

My health assessment

Enjoying better health starts with a free, easy-to-complete online health assessment. Our fully confidential health assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete and gives you a complete view of your health and a personalized plan to reach your best self.

Preventive care

Early detection can make the difference for a long and healthy life. So we encourage preventive screenings, vaccinations, regular physical exams and other routine care. We want you to feel free to talk to your doctor about any other health concerns. So we’ll cover extra charges from your provider – even if you discuss health concerns during the preventive care visit.

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