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Information from your health plan about COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

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Cool perks that come with your coverage

You have Security. Let us tell you about the perks that come with it. Being a member of Security Health Plan comes with so much more than just health care coverage.

More ways to cut costs

Save money on your health care needs with an over-the-counter credit for health and wellness products, telehealth services, discounts on gym memberships, and more.

No charge preventive care

You can count on no-charge preventive services with Security Health Plan. We handle preventive care differently than most other insurance companies. Whether you’ve been previously diagnosed with an illness or not, you won’t be charged for preventive services.

Working together

When you choose Marshfield Clinic Health System, along with your Security Health Plan insurance, you get a combined effort from a health care team with new approaches to care, prevention behavioral health and wellness.

World-class Customer Service

Quick, convenient care

With Security Health Plan you gain access to a unique approach to preventive care, a 24-hour Nurse Line and Care My Way. All of these are designed to get you the care you need, when you need it.

Over-the-counter credit

Each quarter we'll give you a $30 credit to be used toward the purchase of select over-the-counter (OTC) health and wellness products from the OTC Drug Catalog.
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Access to premier fitness, weight loss and wellness brands at discounted pricing along with the education, resources and tools necessary to engage and motivate you to become more active and adopt healthier behaviors.
Access GlobalFit

Working together

Our partnership with Marshfield Clinic Health System allows us to bring you affordable, high-quality care close to home.

Community benefits

We invest resources to promote initiatives important to the health of our fellow Wisconsinites. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to serve and give back to those communities in which we live, work and play. 

Take this show on the road

Get the My Security Health Plan mobile app and keep tabs on your coverage pretty much anywhere you go.
  • Track spending.
  • View claims
  • Start a virtual visit
  • Find an in-network doctor
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