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How repeal of the Affordable Care Act could affect you

Marshfield Clinic Health System and its patients – including Security Health Plan members, employers, agents and providers – could be negatively affected by a repeal of the Affordable Care Act that federal legislators are taking on.

We know many people are concerned how their health care and coverage could change. We do not believe changes will affect current year health care or insurance benefits, but are monitoring legislative activities and will react appropriately to any changes that occur. We will update this Q&A when we have new information to share about changes that could affect you.

What actions have taken place, and what has changed so far?

President Donald Trump signed his first executive order on the day of his inauguration to allow federal agencies to implement changes to the law that they determine are too costly to various interests (including consumers, health care providers, insurers, drug manufacturers and states).

The executive order gave broad permission for federal agencies to pull back on anything they feel is too costly. It also gave states greater flexibility and control over the health care market.

Earlier in January, the Senate took its first formal action to repeal the Affordable Care Act by voting on a budget resolution that will allow them to remove funding for certain aspects of the health care law. Many more steps will be required before full repeal can happen, and a replacement plan may be months in the making.

How will this affect me?

The ACA put into place requirements for access and coverage for such services as emergency care, preventive care, women’s health care, prescription medications and other essential health benefits. These changes applied to everyone from people with coverage purchased on their own, or coverage through their employer, Medicare and Medicaid. The ACA also changed rules about who can get coverage through Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Plus program (in which Security Health Plan participates).

We are monitoring what changes might take place – whether a partial or full repeal is under consideration – and are preparing responses to various scenarios.

What will happen next?

A series of bills needs to be developed, and additional votes taken, on each proposal in both the House and Senate, to determine when any replacement would go into effect, what it would look like and how to pay for the changes. We anticipate it will be some time before any changes are put into place.

How can I stay informed about changes that affect me?
  • We will update this Q&A with new information and post updates to our Website and Facebook page
  • We will keep Security Health Plan agents, employers, providers and members informed by mail of any formal changes that will affect contracts or coverage
  • Marshfield Clinic Health System patients can: