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Learn about health insurance

We want you to be involved with your health care coverage. Taking an active role in your health care coverage will give you more control over your expenses and more control over your health care choices.

The basics

We know that many people don’t understand how their health insurance works. We’re here to help. We will explain how insurance works, walk through some of the terms and concepts you’ll come across and answer some basic questions.

Helping you get health care coverage that suits you needs

“A woman I helped enroll called to say ‘thank you, your Select plan makes it possible for me to see my doctor and afford the premiums. This will be the first time I’ve been able to afford insurance in 10 years.’ After a call like that, I’m the one who felt thankful.”

Security Health Plan
Account Executive

Health care terms and definitions

Health insurance is easier to understand when you understand the words that describe your medical and prescription drug benefits. Use our glossary to learn the language.