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5 reasons to choose Security Health Plan:

1. We're a Tier 1 health plan, which means you'll pay the lowest premium with the greatest service.

2. When you call our nurseline, you'll have a chance to consult a nurse practitioner on certain common conditions and even get a prescription if you need one.

3. You can get a 10 percent discount on glasses at any Marshfield Clinic optical facility.

4. Dental coverage for State of Wisconsin employees* that allows you to see any dentistk in the country.

5. A provider network that allows you to choose from more than 5,500 providers. We have specialists in most areas. We cover your urgent and emergency care worldwide.

*Dental not offered to local employee groups.

State of Wisconsin coverage

If you live anywhere in the shaded area, or use providers affiliated with Security Health Plan, you can select Security Health Plan.

New for 2015

Bringing transparency to health care

We're unveiling Smart Cost Advisor, a new online tool that allows members to compare costs of 270 common medical procedures before they receive services. Smart Cost Advisor is one of several transparent options that we're working on, so you can make informed decisions on the quality and cost of your health care.

Care without the trip to the doctor's office

We've enhaced Care My Way®, part of our popular Nurse Line. Licenced nurse practitioners on duty daily from 7 am.m to 9 p.m. offer telephone-based care for many common medical issues. They will even prescribe medications to a pharmacy near you. Learn more.