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Just for state employees

As a state employee, you can choose a health plan that fits your health care needs. We are that plan. Here’s why.

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7 reasons why you should choose us

  • We're a Tier 1 health plan, which means you’ll pay the lowest premium with the greatest service. 
  • When you call our 24-hour Nurse Line (1-800-549-3174), you'll get answers to your immediate questions and have a chance to consult a nurse practitioner on certain common conditions and even get a prescription if you need one.
  • We have specialists in most areas. We cover your urgent and emergency care worldwide.
  • Our health experts, including nurses and social workers, can help you with: 
    •  A behavioral health or mental condition 
    •  A chronic illness that requires you to take many medications 
    •  Adult and child asthma 
    •  Adult diabetes 
    •  AIDS 
    •  Cholesterol 
    •  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) 
    •  Depression 
    •  High blood pressure 
    •  Serious trauma 
    •  Transplants 
    •  Uncontrolled pain 
  • You can get a 10% discount on glasses at any Marshfield Clinic optical facility.       
  • Improved dental coverage for State of Wisconsin employees allows you to see any dentist in the country.
  • Our provider network allows you to choose from more than 5,500 providers.


You can visit any dentist in the United States. View the schedule of your 2014 dental benefits. (Dental coverage is available to State of Wisconsin employees and retirees only.)

Find a doctor

With more than 5,500 health care providers in central, western and northern Wisconsin, you will have wide access to a network of physicians and health care specialists. To make health care more accessible to you, we are continually adding new providers and facilities to our network. Click here to view our Provider Directory.

We also know that finding your way through the complicated health care system is an unnecessary stress when you’re already coping with a serious health condition. If you’re eligible for Care Management a qualified Security Health Plan Nurse Manager will help you understand your condition and cope with the health care system.

Out-of-area coverage for full-time students

Here’s good news for our members with dependent children attending college or technical school outside of the Security Health Plan service area. Eligible dependents who are full-time students attending school outside of the Security Health Plan service area are covered for urgent and emergency care. Also, our friendly Customer Service department will work to arrange authorization so that your child can receive follow-up services from a non-affiliated provider near their campus.

Fast access to your insurance information

With Security Health Online, you can take advantage of a convenient and secure way to better manage your Security Health Plan coverage. Go online to track benefit limits, the status of your claims, track medical expenses and more. Register now to establish a user name and password and start using your member resources today.

Specific benefit coverage

For more information on specific benefit coverage or plan details, please refer to your It's Your Choice booklet or visit the ETF website.

We'd love to hear from you

To learn more about Security Health Plan and enroll, call us at 1-855-262-8941. You also can read more in our state employee customer guide.

Your wellness incentives

Security Health Plan embraces wellness as a way to keep you healthy. This year, we are supporting wellness at your workplace by offering two easy ways to help you earn incentives for your participation. Each plan member 18 and over in your household who completes these two steps, earns a $150 reward from Security Health Plan.

Step 1: Complete a biometric screening

Step 2: Complete an online health assessment

Here’s what the steps involve:

Biometric screening

Biometric screenings are lab tests. Yours must include total cholesterol (HDL, LDL), triglycerides, glucose, blood pressure, height and weight to qualify for your wellness program.

Results must be submitted to Security Health Plan in one of two ways:

  • Many State of Wisconsin employers will offer biometric screenings at your workplace. These are free services offered during work hours. The vendor providing the onsite screenings will provide information directly to Security Health Plan, confirming your completion of this requirement. For more information, visit the Well Wisconsin website.
  • Take the Biometric Screening Results form to your preventive exam and ask your provider to fill in the results section of the form.

Online health assessment

A health assessment is a free, confidential, web-based questionnaire that helps you understand your possible health risks. After completing the health assessment, you will receive a personalized health plan that can help guide you to better health. Click here for instructions on how to take your health assessment.

Receiving your money

You will receive a check after an 18-or-older plan member in your household completes the two requirements. Please watch your mail for payment in the months of April, July, October or January. If you have questions regarding your payment or the process, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-472-2363 or email

Telephonic health coaching

A health coach can offer you support, motivation and guidance for your health and wellness goals. Health coaching services are available to help you make healthy choices in areas such as healthy weight maintenance, smoking cessation, physical activity, healthful eating and stress management. Health coaches focus on your desire to change and they assist you in setting personal goals. We do not advertise or promote specific products or services to members when discussing their health.

Security Health Plan health coaches are available for coaching sessions for members by telephone. Additional follow-ups are conducted by telephone as needed.

Requesting a health coach is easy and convenient. You, too, can join the health coaching program. Just call Security Health Plan Customer Service at 1-800-472-2363 and ask to speak with a health coach.

Digital health coaching

After you take your health assessment, you can take part in digital health coaching geared toward your health assessment results. The program works like a personal coach delivering a unique action plan tailored to your needs. By following your plan and using our library of health information, articles and trackers, you can begin to work toward your specific wellness goals. Click here for instructions.

Additional resources

Using tools and resources tailored to your needs, our team of health educators is dedicated to help you on your journey to wellness. To learn more about our commitment to wellness, and how to earn your wellness incentives, click here to view our Wellness Guide.

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