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Level-funded plans

A smart choice for employers 

We know you have many factors to consider when it comes to selecting health insurance coverage for your employees. You want to provide high-quality health care coverage at an affordable price. Security Health Plan is pleased to bring you a new health plan option: level-funded plans.

How a level-funded plan works

Watch this short video to get the details on level-funding. 

What is a level-funded plan?

Level-funded health plans are a hybrid of traditional fully-insured plans and self-insured plans. With a level-funded plan you’ll contribute a set dollar amount, but Security Health Plan takes care of administering the plan. You’ll enjoy low financial risk due to stop-loss coverage, and a fixed monthly cost with an opportunity for refunds at the end of the plan year. If you are a employer with 10-100 employees, who are generally healthy individuals, Security Health Plan’s level-funded plans may be the right fit for you.

How does level-funding work?

Level-funded plans have a set, or level, monthly cost throughout the year that consists of three categories:

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After the end of the year, if your total claims, costs and expenses are less than your contribution for the year, you may be eligible to receive a refund. However, if the total claims, costs, and expenses are more than your contribution, Security covers the shortfall. The greater financial predictability and lower dollar threshold makes level funding a great option for your business.

Advantages of level-funding:

Our level-funded plans come with our HMO or POS network—giving your employees access to the best health care in our region.

Powerhouse provider networks

HMO network

This impressive network provides access to more than 6,000 clinics, hospitals and specialists including Marshfield Clinic Health System, Aspirus, Mayo Clinic Health System, and UW Health.

POS network

Gives employees the choice to seek care from any licensed out-of-network provider at higher out-of-pocket costs.

Get more with Security

Level-funded plans include 100% coverage for unlimited Care My Way® visits. This is a convenient, easy way to get care for certain health problems without going to see a doctor. Marshfield Clinic Health System nurse practitioners are available by phone, mobile app and online to provide treatment for many common health conditions.


You’ll receive detailed monthly and quarterly reports that provide information on health care utilization, frequency, statistics, and prescription data.


Contact our Sales team at 1-800-622-7790 for details on how level-funded plans can work for your business.

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