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Navigators answer complex health care questions

The health care system is complex. Who can guide your employees through complicated coverage questions? 

With just one call, members can talk with a Nurse Navigator. A nurse navigator is a registered nurse who works across the health care system to make sure members receive the right care.

Whether a member has a question about a provider or hospital, needs more information in relation to a specialist and their surgical approach, or simply needs help understanding their coverage limits, the nurse navigator service is a fast, convenient resource.

Your employees can look to a Nurse Navigator to:

  • Research questions and coordinate care related to medical conditions
  • Help them understand their benefits
  • Help improve communication with their providers
  • Help them choose the right provider
  • Provide information and discuss possible treatment options
  • Listen and coach them through difficult decisions 

Nurse Navigators help identify and avoid unnecessary medical services to ensure members receive only the care they need, when they need it. This extra attention and personalized support paves the way to better care coordination, which helps get your employees back to work after illnesses and limits your health care costs.                                                        

To reach a Nurse Navigator, members simply call Security Health Plan Customer Service and ask to be put in touch with a Nurse Navigator. The Nurse Navigator on duty will work quickly to answer questions and resolve problems.

For more on how Security Health Plan’s nurse navigator service can help your employees get the care they need, talk to your insurance agent or call Security Health Plan’s Sales Department at 1-800-622-7790.