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Four situations where better hearing improves your health and safety


May is better hearing and speech month, making it the perfect time to check in on our hearing health. Our hearing often fades without us noticing, and we forget the little sounds we used to hear daily. Missing some everyday noises can strain your health and happiness. Here are a few everyday sounds that can improve your health, safety, and relationships when you can hear them well.

The outdoors

Simple sounds of nature that become hard to hear are leaves rustling, rain, birds and crickets chirping. By treating hearing loss, you can improve your ability to enjoy the outdoors. Being outdoors can help energize your brain, bring personal peace and clear your mind.

Your car’s warning signals

Your car makes many warning sounds that are soft and high pitched, making them easy to miss. Some critical sounds are the engine chirping or squealing, tires screeching, and quiet warning signals. Treating hearing loss could help you notice these problems, giving you time to fix them.

Volume of the television

One way to connect with others is by watching TV together. However, it can get frustrating when others express annoyance with the high volume. If this has been an issue, using hearing aids can make it easier to hear what’s on television, so you can turn down the volume and enjoy entertainment at a volume comfortable for everyone.

Voices of loved ones

Treating hearing loss has proven to help improve marriages, family relations and friendships. Reconnecting with others and building relationships is easier when you can hear better.

Treating hearing loss can help you hear the sounds you may not realize you’re missing. Members of most of our Medicare Advantage plans, individual and family plans and employer benefit plans include coverage for hearing aids. Please check your plan benefits to see if your plan includes a hearing aid benefit. For members who have hearing aid benefits, check our online provider directory for a list of network providers for your plan. Contact our Customer Service at 1-800-472-2363 if you have any questions about your plan’s benefits or need help finding an in-network provider.