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5 Benefits of Telemedicine for You and Your Employees

Thanks to telemedicine, a trip to the doctor no longer requires a trip. Instead, patients and providers are scheduling phone or video visits. Some patients are even getting medical device updates from their physicians remotely.

If your health plan offers telemedicine, sharing these five key telemedicine benefits can help keep your employees healthy and increase workplace productivity.

1. Increased access to providers.

Research shows there are only 40 physicians available for every 100,000 people in rural areas. Telemedicine removes the obstacle of distance and improves access for employees who live in small, rural communities. Telemedicine also reduces the need for patients to travel long distances to see a specialist.

2.  Improved productivity.

Telemedicine services allow an individual to remain in the comfort of home when communicating with a specialist or primary care provider. Telemedicine can also improve workplace productivity. When employees can speak with a health care provider via electronic communications over a lunch break instead of leaving work for hours at a time, it can lead to a noticeable reduction in absenteeism.

3. Better patient engagement.

The simple fact that telemedicine can be more convenient helps encourage employees to get more involved with their health. That’s partly because it increases the likelihood your employees will have important communication with their health care providers and that it will happen more often.

4. Potential savings for employees and employers.

Fewer emergency room visits, better adherence to preventive health advice and reduced workplace absenteeism help employers reduce costs, and telemedicine lets your employees save money by eliminating travel costs.

5. Enhanced recruitment and retention.

When your company can point to helpful telehealth services provided through your health insurance carrier’s wellness offerings, current employees and job candidates will view it as an important value-added feature. That can lead to improved employee satisfaction, increased retention and the ability to better attract top talent.

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