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Security Health Plan’s preventive benefits improve the quality of life of members

Security Health Plan is committed to enriching the lives of members so they can reach their best health. Early detection of health issues can improve the chances of having a long and healthy life. And that has been the experience for one Security Health Plan member.

Jodi ZalewskiJodi Zalewski of Antigo, a Security Health Plan member and benefits coordinator at her employer, received brochures from Security Health Plan promoting preventive care. She often requests these materials to have on hand for other employees and to distribute within her office. While reviewing one brochure, she noticed Security Health Plan covers a bone density screening at 100 percent, with no age restrictions as part of the preventive benefits.

At her next preventive physical exam, Zalewski asked her doctor about the test and if she would be a good candidate. Her doctor agreed and referred her to have the screening.

When Zalewski received the results of the bone density test, she learned some surprising news.

“The test revealed I have osteopenia, a pre-curser to osteoporosis,” she said.

It was then Zalewski realized that without Security Health Plan’s preventive brochure, she would have never asked her doctor about the bone density screening. And because she has Security, she didn’t have any out of pocket costs for the preventive test.

“Most insurance companies don’t cover this test until you’re 65, but Security covers it for everyone,” she said. “I am only 56 and can now prevent my condition from worsening.”
Zalewski is working with her doctor on a treatment plan. She takes vitamin D, calcium supplements and does strengthening exercises. Because it takes years to see treatment results, Zalewski’s doctor will complete another scan in a few years to track her progress.

“If I would have waited until I was 65 to get the test, my condition could have been a lot worse. Without Security, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take preventive measures and catch the condition early. I'm so glad this benefit was provided so I have time to improve my health,” said Zalewski.

Preventive care helps preserve and improve members’ health, and in the long run that contributes to lower health care costs. Preventive care is a benefit to Security Health Plan members, both medically and financially.

Zalewski agrees. In her professional role as a benefits coordinator, she encourages employees to get preventive care services. “It’s so important to receive these services,” she said. “By finding health issues early, you can take necessary steps to prevent them from worsening. It also lowers health care costs for everyone.”

Security Health Plan also encourages preventive approaches to health care through services including health assessments and routine physical examinations.

“We encourage members to see their primary care provider annually for a preventive care visit. Promoting preventive care services to maintain health and manage chronic conditions is one way to ensure our members reach their best health,” Security Health Plan Director of Health Plan Quality Shelley Kress said.

Security approaches preventive care differently than many other insurance companies. No-charge preventive services are covered whether members have been previously diagnosed with an illness or not. The health of Security’s members is top priority—and Zalewski experienced that first hand.

Jody Zalewski“I would absolutely recommend Security Health Plan to a friend or relative,” Zalewski said. “In my job, I hear from new hires about health benefits from other companies, and they’re nothing like those offered by Security. Security Health Plan makes a difference in the lives of our employees. They offer so many things that are helpful.”

Zalewski is on a good path and is working to manage her condition with her doctor.

“I want to be active and continue to do the things I love as I get older,” she added. “I enjoy tennis, golf and pickle ball. I’m not experiencing any health issues now, but if it wasn’t for Security, my condition could have progressed without my knowledge.”

Security Health Plan encourages members to read their plan materials so they understand which services are covered and not covered. They can also call Customer Service at 1-800-472-2363 (TTY 711) with any benefit questions.