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Medication management for better outcomes

3 programs that improve employee health and reduce costs.

The high cost of medications is a hot topic today, and many people in need of expensive prescription drugs find themselves struggling to make ends meet. The issue isn’t just limited to newer drugs. Even medications that have long been on the market have seen dramatic increases.

If you’re currently looking at your health care coverage options, programs that help your employees reduce their overall drug spending are an important benefit. These three offerings from Security Health Plan can also help improve outcomes and satisfaction with the care and services your employees receive.

1. Medication management.

The core of any such successful
medication management program is a
team of specially trained pharmacists.
These drug experts will often work with
employees to assess their medication
needs and confirm they are on the best
possible medication for their condition.

At Security Health Plan, our Medication
Therapy Management (MTM) program
has saved employees about $240
in out-of-pocket costs annually,
and employers over $1000 when
they completed a visit with an MTM
pharmacist. Our pharmacists have also
identified hundreds of drug therapy
opportunities and recommended
changes to safer alternatives.

2. Opioid management.

Opioid management programs are
primarily focused on safety, correct
usage and treatment for those with
opioid use disorders that ultimately
leads to recovery.

At Security Health Plan, we partner with
the Marshfield Clinic Health System
for our Opioid Management program.
Through audits, first-use education and
rigorous assessment of prescriptions,
our program has helped reduce total
opioid prescribing by 56 percent
between 2015 and 2018.

3. Nicotine replacement.

Quitting nicotine is difficult, but if
you can help your employees quit,
your company will save on healthcare
costs, boost productivity, and most
importantly, improve the quality of
life for your valued people.

Security Health Plan offers a Nicotine
Cessation coaching program to provide
education and personalized support
to help members quit tobacco and
other nicotine products. This program
includes up to 180 days of tobacco
cessation medications or nicotine
replacement therapy with no out-ofpocket
costs to your employees (for
generic medications, if available).

Saving money and saving lives.

While all these types of drug management benefits can save your employees money, the best programs offer access to professionals – pharmacists, health advisors and nurses – and resources that improve quality of life or even save lives. Programs that flag dangerous drug interactions help educate your employees about the hazards of opioid use, give nicotine users the tools to quit and provide other life-saving benefits that have value for your employees far above any financial consideration.

Security Health Plan is here to help your business. For assistance in determining the health plan that is right for you, check out the tools and resources available at or contact Security Health Plan at 1-800-622-7790.