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Jamie’s Security Health Plan story

Verhagen20Jamiejpgx200I came to work at Security Health Plan in the fall of 2009 as a temporary Customer Service agent for the Medicare Advantage open enrollment season. I had previous customer service experience from working in the campus library throughout college, but this was my first foray into health insurance. The Medicare Advantage product was a great first product to learn, and the population that we serve was (and still is!) a joy to work with. At the end of the day I really felt like I was helping people. Shortly after I started, a full time position opened up and I was encouraged to apply. I got the job, and from there I learned the rest of Security Health Plan’s product lines (Medicaid, commercial, and, eventually, self-funded).

The summer of 2010 saw Security undertaking some major internal changes. New software would replace our core claims processing system, along with other information systems upgrades. I had garnered the reputation of being a bit of a techie and data nerd by this time, and was tapped to assist with the project (called BEST). The BEST project would wind up taking a little over 2 years of my career. It gave me my first experience with programming software to fit our business requirements (this is an IT specialty called “business configuration”). It was a challenging and very rewarding experience. Over the course of the project I was promoted to benefit specialist, and later became the organization’s first workforce analyst.

After the core claims processing piece of the BEST project went live in 2012, I was presented with the opportunity to become the first operations compliance and quality auditor. This role offered many chances to grow and learn, and saw me playing a pivotal part in getting Security Health Plan ready for the Affordable Care Act. I became the subject matter expert for electronic enrollment files, spearheaded the automation of our Medicare Advantage application with the Enrollment Services Department assistant manager, instituted staff auditing procedures, and a formalized how we processed enrollment data for employer clients. I really loved this role and all of the projects and processes I was able to be a part of.

In my operations compliance and quality auditor role, I refined my data analysis skills, and found myself thoroughly enjoying that piece of the position, so when I was approached to join Security Health Plan’s Business Intelligence team I jumped at the chance. As a business intelligence analyst, my primary focus was analyzing data for our Pharmacy Services Department. After the newness and excitement of having all of the awesome data tools at my disposal wore off (and we have some really awesome tools at our disposal here), I found myself missing operations terribly. It turned out that, while I am a data nerd, I’m really at my heart a problem solver and fixer. So, when a chance to return to business configuration came in 2016, I took it and haven’t looked back.

In this department I’ve found my perfect fit. It offers me chances to be a data nerd. It challenges me to problem solve. It lets me be involved in positive changes for the Health Plan, and in turn our members. I have no doubt that I could not be where I am now if I hadn’t started in Customer Service. At Security Health Plan our members are our focus, they are at the heart of everything we do, and there is no other department where you will receive more interaction with our members. As a Customer Service Agent at Security Health Plan, you hear first hand our member’s questions, their concerns, their problems -- and you are empowered to help them. It’s an incredibly rewarding role for anyone with a service mindset, and for me it has been an incredible foundation to build my career upon.