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Security Health Plan’s investment in communities reaches 25,705 people in 2019

Security Health Plan of Wisconsin released the annual review of community investments for 2019-2020: Taking Care: A Community Investment. As a not-for-profit organization, Security Health Plan is focused on helping people and communities achieve their best health. The report highlights many of the ways Security Health Plan achieved that goal in 2019.

In 2019, Security Health Plan invested in community partnerships within 38 counties in the Health Plan’s service area. The investments focus on four community health priorities known as the ABCS: Alcohol and substance abuse, Behavioral health, Chronic disease and Social determinants of health. By focusing on these priorities, Security Health Plan made measurable improvements on the health of the communities we serve.

“Security Health Plan is proud to support our local organizations by providing them with resources to improve the health of their communities,” said Chief Executive Officer of Security Health Plan Julie Brussow.

“As a not-for-profit health plan, we not only provide high-quality health insurance to our customers, we are improving the health of communities around our service area, reaching most of Wisconsin. This work is part of our mission, and is another way we care for the communities we serve.”
In the past year, Security Health Plan has supported programs to prevent youth e-cigarette use, reduce food insecurity, stop prescription drug abuse, and end homelessness. The Health Plan also launched the behavioral, emotional and social traits (b.e.s.t.) Summer Institute to expand essential behavioral programs to middle and high school students.

At Security Health Plan we believe that people play an essential role in their own health care – and the more they know, the more they can take better care. See how Security Health Plan is helping people take care in our report, Taking Care: A Community Investment, at You can also use this link to request support and view upcoming grant opportunities.