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New collaboration between sales teams brings fresh perspective at Security Health Plan, Marshfield Clinic Health System

Breaking down business silos isn’t always easy, but in many cases it can be extremely beneficial. Two sales teams operating in the same business-to-business environment are discovering that, thanks to a consolidation effort between Marshfield Clinic Health System care delivery and Security Health Plan.

The Security Health Plan sales team and the MCHS Business Health Solutions team both connect employers across Wisconsin with quality health care from Marshfield Clinic Health System. They found they were often talking to the same people about the benefits of workplace wellness programs, Care My Way@Work services, and other benefits that improve employees’ health, reduce time away from work and keep health care costs manageable.

In the spring of 2020 the two teams were officially brought together under the Security Health Plan sales structure and leadership.

“We wanted to create a higher level of coordination, more efficiency, and commonality in the use of tools we use,” said Chris Bruni, Vice President of Sales Strategy at Security Health Plan.

Even before the official collaboration, new leadership in both areas had adopted a philosophy of more closely coordinating efforts. The group implemented monthly meetings, the Business Health Solutions team participated in Security Health Plan sales training programs, and cross-selling opportunities were coordinated.

“The teams were already working well together informally,” said Jeff Tucker, Vice President of Business Development at Marshfield Clinic Health System. “They started to go out to visit clients together, creating a greater value proposition.”

Working together with employers helps sales staff learn about what their colleagues do every day and gives them the ability to represent any of the business-to-business products offered by Marshfield Clinic Health System. Although they have specific areas of core competency, the ability to cross sell regardless of sales position will expand the reach of all products to prospective business clients.

“If one team member doesn’t know someone at a company, chances are someone on the other side has a relationship with someone there,” Tucker said.

Some of the other benefits of a consolidated sales department include:

  • Career path development across the various product lines offered by the organization.
  • Ability to take advantage of training resources created through the Security Health Plan Sales Department and Training Department.
  • Development of technology tools by Security Health Plan configuration and IS staff.
  • A consistent approach in partnering with independent agents to distribute both Security Health Plan and Marshfield Clinic Business Health Solutions products.

Since 2014, Marshfield Clinic care delivery and operations and Security Health Plan have strived to become more of a true system, collaborating in more ways than ever before.

“We think that the sky is the limit as far as what’s possible here,” Bruni said. “We’re confident this new working relationship will be a great help to employers throughout Wisconsin as they work to keep their employees healthy.”