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Security Health Plan invests in Bloomer Community Ambulance

Ambulances must have a communication system. The Bloomer Community Ambulance Service recently bought a new rescue truck. So they needed to equip it with a radio.

Mark Schwartz

“The truck did not have any radios,” Bloomer Community Ambulance chief Mark Schwartz said. “Without radios, we could not contact dispatch, hospital staff or local agencies during an emergency.”

Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc., will invest $1,000 in Bloomer Community Ambulance as part of its Employee-Driven Corporate Giving grant program.

Each month Security Health Plan gives an organization a $1,000 grant. Employees at Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) nominate those making a positive difference in the community.

“We will use the funds to purchase three hand held radios or one base radio within the truck,” Schwartz said.

The rescue truck pulls trailers to emergencies and natural disasters.

The ambulance service has 32 staff members. They have three ambulances. They also have off-road rescue equipment (four wheeler and rescue trailer).

“We have an ATV trailer with a patient sled. A rehab trailer is used for large incidents and special events. The vehicles allow us to bring health care to the people of our community,” said Schwartz.

The ambulance service is funded through tax dollars and fundraisers. A pancake breakfast is held every summer to raise money.

“The fundraisers help us with things not budgeted for. They help to reduce the financial burden on taxpayers. The community appreciates that,” he said.

Fundraisers helped the ambulance service purchase heart monitors. They were also able to buy a rehab trailer and help pay for a new rescue truck.

Schwartz said they always accept donations.

For more information on Bloomer Community Ambulance or to make a donation, please visit or their Facebook page at