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Anna's Security Health Plan story

Stichert Anna200I had always thought of Security Health Plan and the Marshfield Clinic as a place I wanted to work when I graduated. I wanted to stay in the Marshfield area and knew there would be many opportunities for growth with this organization. As I was nearing graduation with my bachelor’s degree, I began applying for jobs. I was offered a job as a temporary Customer Service Agent with Security Health Plan and decided to pull my application with a financial company that I had a second interview with. Even though the later job was a better paying, permanent job, I didn’t see the opportunity for growth that I saw with Security Health Plan. I accepted the customer service position and was able to start as soon as I graduated.

When I started, I knew nothing about insurance. I soon realized that most new employees didn’t and that the training would provide me with the knowledge I’d need to be successful. The training was very extensive and by the time I started on the phones, I was confident I could do a good job. I was in the customer service department for about four months before I was promoted to an Administrative Secretary in the Provider Relations department. This position presented more opportunities to grow and learn about the health insurance industry.  I was so thankful for the training and connections I had made in customer service department because it allowed me to get my foot in the door, learn the basics and helped me realize where I wanted to go next in my career.

While assisting the Provider Relations department, my role expanded and I began assisting the Health Services department. I found that my passion for health and wellness could become a career. I applied for a position as a Wellness Technician in the Wellness department. This position helped me determine my future career goals. While working in this position, I went back to school for my Master’s Degree in Public Health. When the needs of the department changed, a new position was created and I was promoted to a Wellness Specialist. I was in this position for about two and a half years and was then promoted to a Health Educator. When I first started in the department, I had hoped that someday I would get to this role.

So far I’ve been with Security Health Plan six years and I’ve had five different positions. I never left positions because I was unhappy, but because there were so many opportunities for growth. I feel Security Health Plan has such great leaders. They not only have helped me to learn the industry, but they’ve pushed me to keep striving for more. They truly want you to succeed. I really enjoy what I do and am so thankful to have been given all of the opportunities that I have. I always credit my time in customer service for my success. I really don’t know if I would’ve gotten where I am today without starting there. I truly feel that I work for a company that wants to do what’s best for their members and I take pride in being a part of that.

If you are looking for a job that has opportunities for growth, I encourage you to apply. For more information, please visit us at