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A positive difference for employees and employer

It’s no surprise healthy and happy employees are more productive in the workplace than those who are less healthy. In the long run, healthy employees can benefit your business. But it’s not always easy to get on the path to health and wellness. Sometimes support, guidance and encouragement from an experienced resource is what is needed to get on track. Security Health Plan’s health coaching program is here to help.

Kay Marks and Dr Mary Ann HardebeckExecutive Director of Human Resources of Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) Kay Marks said, “Someone who is happier and healthier in their position means they are able to bring so much more to the organization for both themselves and those they work with, whether it’s students, parents or colleagues.”

Health coaches at Security Health Plan support employees to help them reach their health goals. Anna Stichert health educator at Security Health Plan said, “A health coach’s role is to support, motivate and guide individuals toward living a healthier life. Coaches work with people on many areas of health such as healthy eating, weight loss, physical activity, stress management and tobacco cessation. These areas can be stumbling blocks for many. Getting support to lose weight, quit smoking or eat healthier can be hard. But not with Security.”

“The health of Security Health Plan’s members is our top priority,” said Angie Pero, health educator at Security Health Plan. “We’re unique in that we are an insurance company looking out for the wellness of our members and offer health coaching as a free wellness benefit.”

Leaders at ECASD recognize the wellness programs offered at Security Health Plan make a positive difference in the lives of their employees. They see those results in, and outside, of the classroom.

“You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself,” said ECASD District Administrator Dr. Mary Ann Hardebeck. “The wellbeing of our employees is always foremost in our minds."

"Our people are our most important asset. We want a healthy workforce that’s productive and contributes to the overall organization.”
Security Health Plan’s health coaching program not only impacts the health and wellbeing of employees, but it can also result in financial savings for your organization.

“There’s a big financial component to having healthy employee,” Marks said.

When it comes to the health and wellness of your employees, Security Health Plan has the knowledge, resources and experience to make a positive difference. Our health coaches are here to guide your employees and help them fulfill their health goals, step by step. It’s never easy to change unhealthy habits, but health coaches will partner with your employees, making it easier for them to be healthy and experience long-lasting success.

Security Health Plan offers a wide variety of plans and value-added services that promote employee well-being, leading to improved outcomes. To find out more about how Security Health Plan can support your business’ health coverage needs, call 1-800-622-7790 to speak with a member of our experienced Sales team.

Click here  to watch a short video about ECASD’s experience working with Security Health Plan’s wellness program.