Keeping you current with Security Health Plan

Security Health Plan regularly publishes three member newsletters – Security Health Plan Cares, Family Health Tips and Security Health Plan Connection.

Our newsletters

These newsletters feature stories about our members, offer suggestions on getting value for your premium dollars, and provide important information on maintaining your health and the health of your family.


Security Health Plan Cares

You’ll find timely articles about your health and your health insurance in Security Health Plan Cares our newsletter for our commercial members. Each issue features stories about Security Health Plan members, a column from our chief executive officer, plus answers to your questions, and tips about getting value for your premium dollars.


Family Health Tips

Family Health Tips is our newsletter for BadgerCare Plus members. In each issue there are easy-to-read articles about your health insurance. There are suggestions on maintaining your health, a column from our chief executive officer, plus answers to your questions.



Security Health Plan Connection

In Security Health Plan Connection you can find interesting articles that pertain to your Medicare Advantage coverage. We’ll have updates about member events, articles about your health care coverage and answers to your questions.


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