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Investing in our communities

Security Health Plan seeks to have a positive impact on the health of our communities through grants, sponsorships, in-kind donations, and charitable contributions. Read on to find out more about our charitable programs.

Investing in our communitiesCommunity Benefits Report

Preventing prescription drug abuse

As many as 1 in 4 people who receive prescription opioids for long-term pain eventually struggle with opioid dependence. We want to intervene. That’s why we’re investing up to $150,000 in Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Grants to support communities in their efforts to prevent the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs.

Healthy minds, healthy lives

Schools are where students are at – so we’re bringing behavioral health services to them. We’re promoting overall wellness so academic success is possible for every student.

Healthy minds, healthy livesLearn more

“No hands!”

Security Health Plan celebrates completion of Autumn 2016 Stepping On fall prevention program.

Sponsorships, in-kind donations and charitable contributions

Security Health Plan has sponsorships and in-kind donations that support organizations and efforts sharing our commitment to building healthy communities.

2014 Healthy Communities Grants address significant and wide-ranging health issues

Eight Healthy Communities Grants totaling $250,000 were awarded in September 2014, to address significant community health issues ranging from binge drinking to safe use of prescription medications.


Previous Community Benefits reports

 Security Health Plan has long sought to improve the quality of health care, reduce health care costs and improve people's health care experience. We began our Community Benefits program in the summer of 2011 to push that mission beyond hospitals and clinic and doctor’s offices, into the communities we serve. Review previous Community Benefit reports to learn how we have pursued these goals.
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